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Conveyor System For Sewing Line

Product Features

  • It primarily increases productivity. Eliminates idle operations in the workflow process resulting in saving time and labor.
  • Provides quality production. As the products are hung, the fabric does not get wrinkled, crushed or mixed. Thus it is very easy to check the quality of sewing at the end of sewing operations.
  • Monitoring of products in production in hanging planting lines are easy and accurate. the
  • It increases productivity by about 15% to 20% by saving material handling time eliminates the need for workers to transport or handle garments thus saving labour cost and WIP is also controlled
  • Centre table is not required between the machines thus saving the intial investment on the same.the layout is very neat and occupies less space
  • This system is trouble free as it needs no electrical connection and compressed air hence Zero maintenance cost.
  • High Quality Aluminum extruded section is used in the conveyor system resulting in frictionless and smooth motion of hangers
  • Can be installed in manufacturing units of Shirt, Jackets, Formal Trouser, Denim and Polo Shirt.


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