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EPA 152-03D – Collar Creasing Machine Double Hot and Cool Head

Product Features

  • Dimension – 550 x 1000 x 1750
  • Weight – 160 kg
  • Electrical – 220 V
  • Power – 2 KW
  • Capacity – 160 pcs /hr
  • Compressed Air – 6 bar
  • Air Consumption -70 nl /min


  • Presses and creases 2/3 of the collar neck sections before shirts are folded – with or without the cardboards – ensuring that the shirts remain standard and uniform in the packages
  • Collar Creasing Machine Shocks the collars using a cold shocking as well to reach a perfect look after hot pressing
  • Each head have both Hot Pressing and Shock Cooling functionality
  • Hot pressing head and shock cooling head can work independently
  • Collar first receives hot press and then immediately shock cools at the same head which results a perfect creased form
  • Collar Creasing Machine features Individually adjustable digital thermostat for precise temperature and cooling control
  • Eco-friendly coolant
  • Individually adjustable pressing time for both hot pressing and shock cooling via the digital screen
  • Ability to count the processed collars via the digital screen
  • Long-lasting special production pressing Teflon and felt
  • Durable Teflon-coated head (optional)
  • A number of safety precautions protect the operator
  • Collar Creasing Machine has a CE certificate


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