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HTM-1411-SF-LD HCi

Product Features

  • The operator can save and manage the Memory (max 10 Memory), according to the style. (So it is possible to operate with exact date and quality).
  • HMR (Horizontal Motor Rear) system can make the MC as compact. So the operator can work very easily.
  • 7” inch LCD Touch Screen shows all operations and errors. So the operator can check easily about MC’s problems and test.
  • Nozzle movement minimize the interference of operator’s view.
  • Lower arm can e changed according to the requirement of operation. (option)
  • Laser pointer can make the operator sealing with exact sewing line
  • The knee pedal changed to soft sensor type not micro S/W


AM Automation Solutions is India’s leading provider of products and solutions to the apparel, home and technical textiles industries.

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