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HTM – 3788 LDi – Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine

Product Features

  • Up / down roller proportional speed control system
  • Protector for worker & fabrics from hot nozzle
  • Automatic voltage regulator system (AVR) in changeable environment
  • From 180v to 260v
  • Error message for heating problem in LCD display panel
  • Slide cam styles nozzle movement
  • LCD display panel
  • Controller for nozzle: up, down, right, left, scale
  • Upper roller stroke & scale for rollers centre
  • Upper / down rollers chain tension control system
  • New design-soft movements foot pedal
  • Auto controller for tape tension
  • Nozzle angle controller
  • Auto cooling
  • Auto tape cutting system
  • Use of 2&3 layer
  • Forward / reverse rotation
  • Backlashing stop
  • Feeding type cutter
  • Indication for the cutting point & seam sealing center-option


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