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MACPI Shirt Line

Product Features

Shirt Line the complete line for shirt pressing composed of-
Machine for collar and cuff pressing MACPI 209 with electrically heated bucks (lower vacuum upon request), complete with electronic thermoregulation of the temperature, pressing and vacuum time programming, water spraying gun
Built-in vacuum 0.37KW
Automatic unit MACPI 288 for simultaneous pressing of body, yoke and shoulders of shirts, with –

  • Two vacuum dummies for the uniform pressing of body and shoulders. The dummies are equipped with expandable pneumatic devices on the sides for different sizes.
  • Timer for pressing cycles, separated for body and shoulders
  • Adjustable separate pressing pressures for body and shoulders and inflatable bags
  • Electronic temperature thermoregulation with independent adjustment for front and back plates
  • Manual water spraying gun
  • Adjustable vacuum flow
  • Built-in vacuum complete with silencer


  • Automatic water spraying unit
  • Self contained unit of water feeding for spraying system
  • Automatic front MACPI (965.00) and back MACPI (965.01) un-loader

Shirt Conveyor MACPI 965 for stacking and distributing the shirts from the automatic unit to the shirts folding table. The conveyor is seen in two models –

  • The first one also foreseen for buttoning up. The conveyor is being produced in six different versions that vary according to the quantity of the rotating pins ( 11, 17,23,29, 35 or 41)
  • The second version foreseen only for conveying of finished shirts. The conveyor is being produced in three different versions that vary according to the quantity of the rotating pins (34, 48, 62)

Shirts folding tables MACPI 127 with three or six rotating heads, with or without collar tensioner. The heads are electrically heated at low voltage (24 Volts), pneumatically operated collar pressing and stretching with adjustable pressure

  • Additional folding plate
  • Additional shaping head with heating elements


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