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Suitable for the production of a variety of technological requirements, there are knitted, woven two pieces of cloth stitched, sewing automatic folding, is a necessary weapon in the production plant.
Save the time of manual sewing process, and improve production efficiency and quality by reducing this process.
Using this UT thread locking device can effectively prevent the thread from falling off, improve the appearance, and greatly improve the comfort of the human body Patented air-blowing reverse stitching function, realizing muiti-strand reverse stitching in the same direction.

  • One person can operate multiple machines, reducing the difficulty of manual sewing, standardized production, no need for skilled workers to operate.
  • Suitable for full-automatic folding and sewing of cedar tube-shaped or edge-fitted sewing
  • Automatic size code recognition
  • Can do the first or last process operation
  • A correction system that mimics human gestures
  • 38-90 cm sewing range
  • The start and end stitches are perfectly aligned
  • Electronic hem guide system
  • 100% High-speed sewing with 1009 cotton sand thread
  • Mobile phone small program online 24 hours worry-free online inspection and repair
  • With thread-locking function, won’t loose thread after repeated washing, improve product quality.
  • Patented air-blowing reverse stitching func tion, realizing multi-strand reverse stitching in the same direction.

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