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507.88 + 607.07 – Automatic Rotating Carousel With Vaccum on Both Shapes

Product Features

For medical garments MACPI designed the new carousel 507 which grants high productivity and reduced running costs, allowing at the same time a high standard quality product. This model, with special designed shapes, is suitable to finish all medical, surgical and hospital uniforms. In fact shapes are particularly suitable for the positioning of different medical garments. The carousel is equipped with two 180° rotating bottom shapes and an upper shape with vertical descent at high specific pressure. The shapes are steam-heated and it’s possible to adjust the different parameters as pressure and time. To be notice the vacuum on bottom shapes which maintain the positioning of the garment, even during the fast rotation avoiding consequently any wrinkles or pleats in the next stage. All these features increase drastically the productivity by a 25%compared to any similar machine in the market.

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