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An electric junction where all the incoming and outgoing electrical current meet; it collects the electric power at one location. Our busbar is the backbone of power distribution for machinery and equipment in commercial set ups like factories, warehouses, hospitals or educational campuses. It uses pure electrolytic copper strips with suitable enclosures and protective casing to prevent damage that may occur due to exposure of wires to any foreign body.

Product Features

  • Super-easy to install
  • Thin, robust and portable
  • The Busbar Is Sturdy, Rigid and Stiff
  • Tap offs Have Up to 6 Pins Capacity
  • No Extra PE Is Necessary
  • Light in weight
  • 4-6 Polls
  • long-term reliability
  • 690 Watts Conductors
  • Range 25A-6300A for Lighting, Power & Higher Rating
  • Increased Conductivity because of Aluminium Body
  • Lower Voltage-Drop then Cables
  • Strong Joints


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