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Macpi 255.00 Automatic Machine for Knitted Garments Pressing

Machine for the pressing of KNITTED GARMENT.
Automatic feed of the garments by a conveyor belt,
foreseen to press extra large sizes or the simultaneous
pressing of two garments with short sleeves.
Composed by two sections:
1) garment preparation on a working plate (cm. 200 x 100), steam heated,
steaming and with vacuum.

2) Pressing and drying on the pressing plate, steam
heated, steaming and with vacuum. Pressing plate
with pneumatic closing, steam heated and steaming
with the possibility to stop the plate in the sponging
The machine is complete with:

  • plate for garment preparation with adjustable height
    and inclination
  • adjustable pressing pressure
  • control by a programmable logic with video display
    TSM 16.20
  • production counter
  • fabric beater pad.

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