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MACPI – 321.700 – Jeans Finisher

Product Features

  • one steaming and air blowing working station
  • top modeled shapes. The tension in exerted on the side top trousers.
  • the foreseen set of shapes is the medium one (on request also the other shapes mentioned in the accessories can be fitted on the machine)
  • trouser leg tensioning device with adjustment suitable for both short or long trousers and babies shorts too.
  • steam flow adjustment and steam over-heating
  • front waistband-fly locking
  • adjustable and movable legs clamps
  • hot air blowing by a powerful electric fan of 1.5 KW
  • pressure adjustment of legs clamps
  • simple and complete control system of the machine by PLC and display
  • production counter
  • operated by a sequential control pedal. Easy to use, reaching the best pressing results
  • the front waistband-fly locking keeps the garment in the correct position during the pressing cycle

It is the innovative electro pneumatic conditioner for finishing of trousers without pleats, foreseen for adaption to sizing device for top and legs length.

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