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FX 2300-EXT Economic & Short Version Side Seamer

The sewing unit FX 2300-EXT is the economy version for sewing sideseams and inseams. The compact design is especially suitable for the universal use in the production of sportswear trousers. Due to the pneumatically moveable edge guide it is possible to trim the excess lengths of pocket bags.
Machine is equipped with pneumatically movable edge guide (Zippy) for trimming the extra lengths of pocket bags in sportswear trousers.


  • Sewing head Pegasus EXT 3216-03
  • Integrated Efka 550 W Mini Stop DC Servo Sewing Motor
  • Short table, Machine frame with adjustable height providing the possibility of working from the front
  • Guide attachment, far contoure (Zippy)
  • Vertical cutter with sucbon device
  • Chain separator with suction device
  • PLC Control Unit.
  • Thread cutting and suction at stitch beginning and end
  • Air blowing units over the counter provides the easy flow of fabric to the back
  • Constant seam width due to precise cantour guidance (Zippy)
  • Closing and serging can he executed in one operation
  • Yarn waste compartment.

  • Universal Stackar Unit
  • Pneumatic fabric holding piston guiding the work How to the stacker
  • Beijer, Windows Based 256 Million Colour Supported Touch screen with colgur graphic display for easy operation and quick access to modifiable panameters

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