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SP-F153 Automatic Cuff Ribbing Machine

Just only the tongue in position and press button to sew it. The length of the show loop and the folding can be easily set by panel. Operators has no skill requirement.

Product Features

  • The folder adopts mechanical structure, and the material can be adjusted easily
  • When collecting materials, the finished products are stacked neatly to facilitate subsequent processing
  • One key tail material receiving function Settings, prevent the waste of tail material
  • Be able to finish the whole process of sewing, cutting, threading, turning over and receiving
  • Can be directly set on length. width in the panel. High degree of automation
  • Performance Advantage

  • Very simple operation mode, no special skill requirements for the operator
  • The cutting length is controlled accurately, the finished product can be folded neatly in half to ensure the finished product precision
  • With the bottom line counting function, the stacking mode can be controlled at will
  • After the surface line is broken, it can be accurately displayed on the panel and the machine stops automatically, preventing waste
  • Cuff or foot of different specifications are adjusted by convenient knob mode to improv efficiency
  • The integration of multiple garment processes can greatly save labor costs
  • The panel has a complete fault display function, convenient to check the fault and repair
  • The machine occupies little space and can be operated by more than one person

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