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SP-F156 Automatic drawstring bartacking

Rope head knot machine Suitable for wind cap lining, sports and leisure clothing category, waist rope and cap rope seams. Automatic feed, cutting, plug rope head, tie, collection one-time completion, 7 seconds / root rope head.
Performance Advantage

  • Rope width: 10-15mm
  • Rope length: 300-2000mm
  • Precise positioning, consistent length of each rope, consistent closing position, improved quality
  • The length of the rope can be adjusted according to customer demand
  • The closing pattern can be based on customer demand;
  • With air-catching device, both end rope heads can be internal plug at the same time, inner plug rope head ruler inch setable, consistent at both ends (air-catching device Shup patent)
  • Specification

  • Model: SP-156
  • Stitch: Single needle lockstitch sewing
  • Sewing speed: 3000rpm
  • The Motor: AC servo motor 550W direct drive type
  • The power supply: 220V single phase, 220V
  • Air Pressure: 0.5Mpa,1.8L/min

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