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314.40 -T-shirt Finisher

Electro pneumatic steaming and blowing dummy for the finishing of sweaters. T-shirts and button neck sweaters.

Product Features

  • Steaming dummy with steam heater, complete with cover, available in three sizes: man, woman, child
  • Air blowing with built-in electric fan 1.125kW;
  • Digital programmer
  • Pneumatic device for bottom blocking, with manual adjustable height
  • Pneumatic and adjustable side expanders, complete with cover
  • Front and back blocking stopper
  • Sizing device for collar
  • Lateral sleeves support adapted to receive different models of clamps:
  • Pneumatic clamps with photocell for button-neck and T-shirts
  • The dummy has to be connected to the main steam 6 Bar and compressed air 6Ate plants
  • Installed power 1.275kW Voltage 3~50Hz 230V – 3+N~50Hz 400V


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