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MACPI 234.00 – Dummy For Shoulder, Sleeve & Armhole Finishing

Product Features

It represents the latest evolution for shoulders – sleeves and armholes finishing of any styles and sizes for men, women and child jackets and/or coats. This unique machine offers the advantage to combine four operations in one single cycle reducing drastically the garment handling. The high technological level and the perfect jacket positioning on the dummies, makes the use of 234 very convenient allowing high productive and qualitative performances. The two left and right pressing stations are independently controlled reducing machine down-time and it can be operator by one or two operators.

  • INTERCHANGEABLE MODULAR SHAPES: body, shoulder, sleeve, sleeve expander, armhole creasing, and shoulder roll device. This allows through quick and easy adjustments the possibility to use this unit for different garment styles and sizes, without replacing the complete shape
  • UPPER SHAPES: thanks to the revolutionary adjustment system (shapes movable in any direction) the pressing is perfectly orthogonal to the shoulder, granting high quality finishing. The upper shape movement is controlled by two cylinders: the first for quick downward approaching and the second for pressing. Possibility to adjust the pressing pressure and the sponging height by electronic device.
  • MOVABLE FLAPPER SCREEN for the front pressing of the sleeve. This improves the finishing quality and the sleeve position
  • PATENTED “VACSTEAM” SYSTEM for quick exhaust of exceeding steam
  • ELECTRONIC SAFETY HAND GUARD for operator’s safety
  • PRESSING PRESSURE selected among three values previously set by the operator
  • PROGRAMMING of the machine through the new Touch Screen Programmer


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