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MACPI 389 – Dummy for Shirts

Product Features

Electro pneumatic dummy for simultaneous pressing of body, shoulders and sleeves of shirts, complete with

  • Blowing and vacuum unisex dummy with automatic adjustment of shoulder width
  • Electrical heated front shape for shirt front strap locking and pressing
  • Pneumatic devices for side adjustments, side and rear locking of shirt tail and complete traction
  • Clear front shape to facilitate the loading and unloading operations
  • Adjustable sleeve tensioning clamp with automotive closure of cuffs and sleeves tensioning
  • Blowing by means of built-in electric fan
  • Built-in vacuum fan
  • Steam over heater
  • Adjustable pressing pressure for front shape and for side adjustment devices and shirt traction
  • Programmer(10 programs , 4 functions) with possibility to select the pressing cycles with ventilation of hot air and cold air
  • Adaption for connection to the central steam and compressed air plant
  • Steam consumption 40/50 Kg/h
  • Installer power – KW 3.2
  • Voltage 3-50Hz230V-3+N-50Hz 400V

The dummy 389 completes the full range of finishing machines. This model specific for the finishing of shirts and even closed buttoned garments, adopts a special plate movement for the pressing of shirt front placket which allows to get dummy in a lower position, facilitating shirt loading operations
All functions are programmable y PLC, even if further manual adjustments are possible in order to reach always the best finishing results at any conditions and with any kind of fabric.

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