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MACPI 379 – Rotating Dummy for Garments

Product Features

  • It is possible to select between 10 different programs and 3 ways of functioning
  • Collar- holder is removable and adjustable in height to facilitate the cloth positioning
  • The side tensioning system is adjustable. It also includes a device for side vent closure
  • Blocking pressures control manometer


  • Steaming brush
  • Connection device for irons for touch ups
  • Adjustable frame to hold accessories

Electro pneumatic steaming and blowing dummy for complete finishing of jackets, short overcoats, coats etc  For easier and ergonomic use, the dummy is adjustable in height and can be adapted to assist with the loading and unloading of different clothes. The dummy is supplied complete with –

  • Adjustable width of shoulders by the opening and closing of lateral tensioners
  • Extractable collar holder, adjustable in height
  • Manual device for side vents closure
  • Pair of wooden sleeve expanders
  • Adjustable sides tensioning pressure
  • Adjustable closure of the garment’s front clamping device
  • Blowing through built – in electric fan
  • Adjustable ventilation
  • Steam over heater (in entrance)
  • PLC with programmable logic ( 9 programs , 3 different ways of functioning )
  • Electric fan KW 1.1
  • Designed to e connected to steam and compressed air main plant
  • Steam consumption – 10-20 Kg/h
  • Installed power – KW 1.27
  • Voltage – 3 50Hz 230 V-3+N-50Hz 400 V


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