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SP-3020AS SP-3020BS SP-3020DS-H M X Electronic Pattern Sewing machine

H: Heavy Material
M: Medium Material
X: Super-Heavy Material

Tension Sewing
When sewing high and low sections, the middle pressure foot can be changed with the changes of the section. Even if the thickness of the fabric changes, there will not be insufficient pressure or excessive pressure, so as to prevent damage to the fabric, broken needle and thread and other faults.

Improve sewing quality
X-Y motor closed-loop control can accurately identify the position of cloth feeding, reducing the deviation during high-speed sewing and the sewing deviation of heavy fabrics.

Disconnecting holding function
With variable of multi segments, electric tension device leaves less margin and provides better stitching trace.

Dry head
The face of the machine head (needle rod part, wire rod part) is lubricated by grease, and the shuttle part is supplied with oil through oil line to reduce the pollution of sewn products by oil.

Lower power consumption higher speed, higher efficiency
Adopt computer direct drive small energy saving motor without transmission loss. Power consumption has been cut by 50% compared with traditional models, making it the lowest power consumption computer machine on the market.

Fast and convenient program editing
Using PD3000 programming software, it is easy to edit pattern, and AS is more compatible with DA/DE, PLK format pattern editing, which simplify the process of pattern editing. With large screen LCD interface and new touch screen control, you can complete the man-machine dialogue using finger. You can create and editing the data easily according to the icons and orders;


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