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SP-3525BS-MJ Automatic Polo Placket

With help the laser mark, operator can positions the material more accurate and easier. Since the machine feeds, sews, cuts (single knife /double knife) and collects automatically, one worker can operate two machines which improves both quality and performance.


  • Line: Sing-needle flat seam
  • Highest sewing speed: 2,700 rpm
  • Sewing Area: Max.45x200mm
  • Feeding method: Intermittent feeding (Pulse motor drive mode)
  • Stitching length: 0.05-12.7mm
  • Maximum stitch amount: 20000 needles/1 pattern
  • Storage amount of stitches: Maximum 500000 stitches in inner storage
  • Press foot drive method: Pneumatic
  • Work clamp height: Max. 30mm
  • Big foot presser height: All in one presser foot
  • Motor: AC-550W/AC servomotor 550W
  • Weight: About 230kg
  • Power: Single phase 200-240V
  • Air pressure: 0.5Mpa, 1.8 L/min

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