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Button wrapping & Knotting Machine – ST-10

This machine is used for wrapping and knotting of buttons attached to garments after providing looseness in Button Stitch machine

Product Features

  • Fully programmable LCD operation panel
  • Knotting and wrapping option – Default setting in machine is programmed as one knotting in starting, wrapping, 3 knotting in end. There’s a programming facility available in control panel option as a. Knotting, Wrapping, Knotting b. Knotting c. Wrapping
  • Wrapping and front back mechanism – stepping motor controlled by Microprocessor ensures that wrapping frequency is equally divided between button and the fabric. The distance can be programmed on the LCD Panel
  • Knotting mechanism – individual arms on controlled by Microprocessor and Stepping Motor ensure a perfect double handmade knotting without any use of hook and needle assembly
  • Threading mechanism – By using the pneumatic system it is easy to thread the machine without any delay
  • The way of threading is also explained in the LCD Display Panel
  • Thread trimming mechanism –by using pneumatic thread trimming system it is guaranteed that there is no damage to button and fabric
  • Three Independent step motors for wrapping, knotting and forward & backward. Inbuilt Stabilized SUMPS protects from voltage hazards
  • 3 Knots in the end secure the wrapping and it doesn’t open after several washes. Display goes to standby mode after 2 min so that LCD life increases
  • Independent self-diagnostic testing system for all 3 motors. Microprocessors control system provides 4 types of wrapping and knotting combinations


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