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Single Needle Lock Stitch Auto Jig Machine – MJ-3400

This machine is used for making run stitch of collar, flap, shoulder tab, cuff, collar band joining, fly piece making, lapel making etc. It gives higher productivity and consistency in quality.

Product Features

  • Three operations of marking, stitching and cutting are done in a single shot
  • No sensor stickers required
  • Combinations of different patterns and shapes are possible
  • User friendly machine with LCD display
  • Direct drive sewing head is used
  • Independent Knife driving system for edge cutting
  • Jig movement by stepping motors ensures even stitches throughout the seam
  • Anti -static tables with bearing ensures smooth movement of jigs
  • Intelligent add sensors ensures perfect stitches in the turns
  • Microprocessor controlled system
  • Inbuilt stabilized SMPS prevents voltage hazards
  • Fabric and thread breakage sensors (optional)
  • No limitations in the size of the jigs
  • Three operating modes (A, B& C)
  • Corner and Rounding together possible in single mode


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