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Pattern Cutting Machine – MJ – 7300

Product Features

Machine is used for making Jig Profile for collar, cuff, pocket flap, fly piece, collar band, lapel etc. Any material can be cut like Poly-Carbonate, Acrylic & Bakelite.

  • Motor Speed – 30,000 rpm
  • Motor – 600 W
  • Power / Power consumption – 199-240 V Free Voltage / 600 W
  • Drill Bit Size – 11mm, 13 mm (Standard), 6mm (Special Order), HSS with carbide Tip which can eliminate extra heat while cutting
  • Optional Suction Box providing under the table to collect cutting waste to the drum
  • Making a Jig final pattern required – grading not required, can be used to provide fullness
  • 1T & 2T Jig – Jig Guide for different sizes (1T& 2T) for outer and inner cutting of the Jig Profile with one reference


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