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Digitally Controlled Button Feeder Attachment – ST-12

Product Features

This robot mechanism device is used to feed the buttons to the clamp on button sewing machine. Operator does not need to align the holes of the buttons. With its increased feeding speed, the sewing machine head speed can be used up to maximum, which results in higher productivity. Using this device, a beginner shows double productivity than skilled operators.

  • Perfect blend of needle and button for higher productivity
  • Special button machine clamp is provided along with ST-12 as per machine make
  • Transfer pin of different sizes provided with ST-12 as standard accessories
  • Easy installation and compatibility with other lock stitch button machine models
  • User friendly and hassle-free maintenance
  • Digital encoder helps easy setting of buttons adjusted according to the buttons with step motor control
  • X and Y scale is automatically
  • Up to 90% increased productivity and consistency in output with unskilled operator
  • Intelligent vibrator control system saves power by going into hibernation mode when machine is idle
  • Perfectly designed vibrator bowl to store maximum buttons and smooth movement
  • Saw teeth clamp filters the correct side of the buttons
  • Special work clamp assembly ensures setting of all kinds of buttons
  • Gate controlled button passage tracks avoids overlapping and mismatch in loading area of transfer pin
  • Robotic transfer system to feed buttons to the work clamp
  • User friendly LCD display shows all the details of buttons and daily production
  • High quality SMC cylinders and solenoid assembly
  • In shirts, the machine achieves 1200 – 1650 buttons per hour


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