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EJ – 9 Digital Puller for Single Needle/Double Needle/Multi Needle/Overlock/Zigzag Machine

Product Features

  • Synchronizer – Synchronizer detects the needle positioning of the machine and provides signals to the Microprocessor for perfect intermittent feeding
  • Transmission – To avoid transmission loss and malfunctioning the puller is designed with helical gears instead of belts
  • Pressure Foot Lifting System– Puller automatically gets lifted with the help of clamping shaft or pneumatic cylinder while we lift the pressure foot. Puller can easily engage / disengage by finger switch, which makes the puller complete in disengage position
  • Working Mechanism – One feeddog movement is divided into 1000 equal signals which ensure the smooth feeding of fabric without any puckering. Each step is controlled by a Microprocessor, Synchronizer and Stepping Motor. The mechanism ensures that at any stage of feeddog movement, the fabric pulling force is similar
  • Driving Mechanism – The puller is driven by an independent Stepping Motor on trolled by a Microprocessor and fully programmable panel
  • Friction Less Motion – A special bearing roller is provided under the upper roller in a sewing machine bed according to the application to avoid any kind of friction generated while pulling to give a pucker free seam
  • Backtack System – The puller can be electrically connected to the backtack solenoid or reverse switch to make work efficiently in reverse mode while backtacking in a sewing machine

Variable Roller Size: On Special request variable roller sizes can be provided as under- 34 x4mm, 34 x25mm, 34 x10mm, 34 x30mm, 34 x15mm, 29 x10mm, 34 x40mm, 34 x20mm, 50 x50mm, 34 x50mm

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