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Macpi 314.40 Form Finisher for Knitted Garments

MACPI 314.40
Electropneumatic steaming and blowing dummy for finishing of dry sweaters, T-shirts and polo,
complete with:
– blowing by built-in electric fan of 2,25kW;
– touch screen programmer with menu available in several languages;
– dummy complete with coating, steam heated;
– pneumatic clamps for bottom blocking, manually adjustable in height;
– pneumatic sides extenders adjustable and complete with coating;
– buffer frontal collar/neck and back yoke;
– collar/neck sizes device;
– side sleeves supports arranged to receive a different type of clamp:
1) pneumatic clamps with photocell for polo and T-shirts
2) pneumatic sleeves removers for sweaters
3) manual frames for sweaters

Adaption to connect to the central plant of steam (6 Bar) and compressed air(6Ate)
Steam consumption 20-30Kg / h
Installed power 2,4kW
Power supply 3 ~ 50Hz 230V – 3 + N ~ 50 Hz 400V


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