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SP-F164 Automatic String Inserting Machine

Suitable for flat button hole, bird eye embroidery hole, metal air hole string process.

Performance Advantage

  • One machine with multi-function. One button switch, it can be used in the process of stringing both pants and hoodies.
  • Two mode: switch between manual stringing and automatic stringing
  • Friendly design: have both hand switch and foot switch
  • Automatic stop function from the top of the rope to the trouser
  • Adjustable of lifting height and rotating swing position of expansion plate
  • Improve productivity, reduce labor intensity and get rid of the dependence on skilled workers.
  • The Traditional Process

  • Manually making
  • Efficiency
  • Insert the pants cord, cap cord, manually, low Efficiency with high labor requirement
  • 20-30s/per cord
  • Automatic Process

  • Process integration in one step
  • Save time, high efficiency
  • Automatically decreases the intensity of labor work, increase the efficiency
  • 10-15s/per cord
  • Specification

  • Model: SP-F164
  • Pants diameter: 191mm-445mm
  • Cap diameter: 116mm-121mm
  • Cord hole type: Flat buttonhole>8mm;bird eye embroidery hole>5mm, metal air hole>5mm
  • Pressure: 0.5Mpa, 100L/min
  • Power: 200-240V Single phase 2—240V
  • Power: 600W
  • GW/NW: 200kg/280kg

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